Trading Idea

We strive to provide the most valuable signals and forecasts published by authors of our community.
All recommended trading ideas have strong technical backgrounds throughout the chart and contain solid supporting descriptions.


Signal is when the author buys or sells a stock or currency pair at current market price with Stop Loss and Take Profit. The author can complete the signal manually before it reaches SL TP levels.

Trade Setup

Trade Setup is a pre trading market research announcing levels of a possible entry points.


Any recommended trading idea has a strong technical background on the chart and description.


Publishing trading ideas in Public Strategy authors increase their Rating. Rating is calculated based on successful signals, total number of published ideas, followers and other criteria.

Launch The Chart and Publish Your First Idea

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Strategy is a channel of trading signals and forecasts published by experienced authors.
Any Author can create a Strategy (open or commercial).



Anyone can subscribe to an open Strategy for free. Subscribing to a Strategy or following an author will enable you to receive notifications and emails about each trading idea created or completed.

Return on Investment

Strategy ROI (Return on Investment) indicates the summary ROI of all signals in the Strategy for a specified time period.

Signal ROI = (close (current) price - open price)/open price*Strategy Leverage*100.
In other words, it shows your returns if you copied all signals during the specified time period with the Strategy leverage.

Strategy drawdown indicates the minimum Strategy ROI for the specified time period. Top Strategy have the highest ROI meaning that they have the most profitable signals.


Authors can publish their trading ideas to the community for free (public Strategy) or to a commercial Strategy
in order to get monthly subscription fee from subscribers. Trading ideas published in a commercial Strategy are available
only to the members except for the ideas published in the public Strategy as well.

TOP Authors

Author rating is calculated based on Signals and Setups published in the Public or Open strategy and depends on the Idea profit-for-signals, and audience. Top authors have the highest rating, meaning that they have the most trusted strategies, which are clearly explained.

Publishing some ideas to your Strategy and the public strategy makes your Strategy visible to everyone which is a good way to promote your commercial Strategy. Ideas published in the public or open strategy are automatically available to everyone.

For authors

Any user can create a Strategy and invite other users to publish trading ideas. In case the Strategy has a subscription fee, the owner is paid at the end of each month via PayPal or Neteller.

Check the Merchant Terms and Conditions for more information about payments before you create your first paid strategy.

Create your commercial Strategy and get benefits

4 tips to get more subscribers on Commercial strategy

Create a solid description for your Strategy including details of your strategy and instruments involved.

Explain your trading Idea with technical analysis and nicely detailed description to make it more interesting for your subscribers.

Don't set a hight monthly fee. Focus on mass audience.

Comment in trading ideas and strive for interactive communication with users.